Mandriva : Mandriva 2010 is out! - Ready For Download.

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Mandriva : Mandriva 2010 is out! - Ready For Download.

Post  tauqu33r on Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:06 pm

Mandriva is one of the few worldwide Linux providers.The company serves both the corporate market (enterprises, government organizations and educational institutions) and the consumer market.

Mandriva 2010
Mandriva is proud to introduce its brand new release: Mandriva Linux 2010, code name Adelie. Take a look on a new desktop: smart, innovative and open!

Your desktop is smart

Included in this new release, “Smart desktop” technology, coming from european research project. Your desktop is tasks oriented. Organize your personal data (mails, documents, images, videos). Notate it, add your comments and tags. Now your data are easy to find through your projects. This is an exclusivity for Mandriva.

Fast and attractive

Don’t wait to have your desktop ready to work! Boot time has been improved again. Mandriva Linux 2010 comes also with a 3 brand new designs: choose the one you prefer. You can also choose one of the 11 extra backgrounds contributed by community members.

Choose your own environment

We believe a linux distribution should reflect open source diversity. Mandriva Linux is the only distribution including both KDE (4.3.2), GNOME (2.28.1) all integrated. Your hardware is a bit old: use lignt environment LXDE. You are netbook user: check our integration, it’s all included in our distribution. Have a look also in Moblin, a new environment dedicated to mobile use.

Take advantage of Mandriva Control Center

Another exclusivity for Mandriva! Your system is easy to administrate. In a few clicks you can:

* migrate your data from Windows
* configure your network connection very easily (ethernet, wifi, 3G…) and manage your network profiles using an all redesigned tool
* security is easy: parental control, interactive personal firewall, security policies tool
* use guest account so that everybody can use your system in avery secure way for your data
* … and many other functionnalities

The best of up to date open source software

* Kernel 2.6.31
* Xserver 1.6.5
* KDE 4.3.2
* GNOME 2.28.1
* Firefox 3.5.3
* 3.1.1
* VirtualBox 3.0.8

Source and Homepage For Updated Download Links:


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